Repairs/On-Site Modifications

Over the years Jerry's Kitchens has experienced many changes in the Kitchen and Bath industry. Some of these changes have come in the form of the evolution of the modern kitchen.

We have noticed and experienced a change in the size of refrigerators. The new modern refrigerators are wider, taller, and deeper. This often comes as a surprise when needing to replace an older appliance with the need to modify the cabinets around the refrigerator.

In new kitchens we are also seeing customers enjoying the use of a combination of different sized drawers vs the old standard drawer, door and shelf combination. With this change we often have requests to modify existing cabinets to accommodate the addition of rollout trays making your existing cabinets more user friendly.

At Jerry's Kitchens we have the ability to address these requests.

Please visit our Request a Quote Page. We will directly connect you with the correct craftsman to help with your needs. Jerry's Kitchens assist these carpenters with the materials needed to complete the modifications allowing you to keep the same quality of craftsmanship that you have come to expect from Jerry's Kitchens.